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Software Engineering Seniority

Every engineer and every company has there own definitions of seniority. They have rubrics, require certain hard skills, and even behavioural aspects they need to see before they consider someone “senior”.

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Jira Ticket Template

I’ve been writing a lot of Jira tickets lately. About 10 in the past week. I’ve refined my personal Jira ticket template over the course of the last few months. Here are the sections I add and why I add them.

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Prioritizing Tasks: ROI Over Everything

On Sunday I was working on my blog. I wanted to add some Web Weekly content. I was looking at the existing 3 Web Weekly posts and I thought it was time to move them to their own collection.

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Must, Should, Could: With a Twist

While coming up with a task list, it’s a great exercise to initially break them into 3 categories: Must, Should, and Could. This will help you prioritize when you inevitably run out of time to complete the project.

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Y equals f of x

We’re going to talk about a little bit of math and why it’s important for designing and debugging code. y = f(x) is commonly referred to as a “functional notation”. It is a mathematical equation that represents a relationship between two variables, x and y.

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Red Green Refactor

Note the order. Red, then Green, then Refactor. Those of you who practice Test Driven Development will deeply understand the importance of this mantra for the three phases of development. I’d like to take it a step further and explain examples of not following the order or spending too much time in the wrong phase.

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Product Management Is About Budget

Those of you who’ve done freelancing will know if you say to the client “Feature X will take 3 weeks at $1,000 a week… that’ll be $3,000 plus tax” they’re going to have a fit. “We want it cheaper, faster, blah blah blah…”

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Small Units Of Work

As a busy professional, I really appreciate breaking every task down into smaller subtasks. If a ticket has 2 or more things that can be done separately, I prefer to do them separately.

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