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Jira Ticket Template

I’ve been writing a lot of Jira tickets lately. About 10 in the past week. I’ve refined my personal Jira ticket template over the course of the last few months. Here are the sections I add and why I add them.

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Must, Should, Could: With a Twist

While coming up with a task list, it’s a great exercise to initially break them into 3 categories: Must, Should, and Could. This will help you prioritize when you inevitably run out of time to complete the project.

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Product Management Is About Budget

Those of you who’ve done freelancing will know if you say to the client “Feature X will take 3 weeks at $1,000 a week… that’ll be $3,000 plus tax” they’re going to have a fit. “We want it cheaper, faster, blah blah blah…”

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