Web Weekly: Vol. 5

2 min read

I skimmed through dozens of newsletters this week. Here’s some interesting articles I found.

NOTE: Just because you read my summary doesn’t mean you understand the full point of original author. I recommend you read the full article if it’s for a topic that you feel is impactful to you.

Atomic Habits Visualized (Twitter thread)

A very nerdy perspective on naming things in programming (16 mins read)

  • My takeaway: Code should read like English (as much as possible, language dependent)
  • I skimmed through it but I will also read it slowly because this is important for long term code readability

Data centers at public pools keep swimmers warm (1 min read)

  • A tech firm is setting up its small data centers at public pools across the UK
  • Data centers need to cool down, pools need to heat up
  • The generated heat from the servers heats up the pool at a lower cost
  • This is a great example of what I like to call “Feed 2 birds, with 1 worm”
  • I hope no one has to open up the server to chain a hard drive anytime soon!

Advanced interview questions for a Ruby developer

  • Here’s a short quiz of advanced Ruby topics
  • I got about 9 out of 14 correct. Some questions are a bit more open ended and my answer was different.
  • I ran into Ruby super( ) again!
  • I learned a bit about garbage collection in Ruby

Mini Robot Enters Blood Vessels, Completes Surgery (1 min read)

  • A team of engineers in South Korea created robotically assisted magnetic navigation system for endovascular intervention (I-RAMAN)
  • A magnetic robot can use a 3D map of the patient’s blood vessels to navigate autonomously and perform treatments
  • I think this is really cool and I love to see technology like this saving lives
Written on March 21, 2023

The opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect any individual or organization from my past or present.


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