Web Weekly: Vol. 3

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I skimmed through dozens of newsletters this week. Here’s some interesting articles I found.

Let It Fail

What a scary title but an insightful article

  • Sometimes you have to let systems fail (in a controlled way) in order for people to understand why that system needs more attention (see it to believe it)
  • I’d like to add, sometimes systems either don’t fail in the way you anticipate or they fail without major issue. Either way you’ve learned something
  • Back pressure is a way to prevent systems (and individuals) from getting overwhelmed and failing by limiting their workload and improving efficiency
  • If someone becomes “the hero” and tries to fix everything, they become the single point of failure

Should the moon have its own time zone?

  • Every software engineer loves timezones. Why not add one for the moon?
  • Actually, it may be necessary for communication between astronauts and various countries
  • The European Space Agency proposes a standard time zone for the moon to ease collaboration
  • Lunar timekeeping is challenging due to tiny shifts in clock speeds and location variations

Be careful what you type when importing packages

  • Attackers upload packages with common typos (known as typosquatting)
  • These packages contain malware
  • This malware is executed unbeknownst to engineers
  • This has been happening for years but the code obfuscations are getting more sophisticated
Written on March 6, 2023

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